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I  have just come across this site ( AmericanCrewHouses) and just want to thank you and say that it has been the most helpful site I have seen so far.  Warren 


DOCKWAK POST:   Apart from Sam's being the most highly recommended, if there is no availability there, what is the next best Crew House in Laudy and what are the ones to steer clear of?? Cheers

DOCKWALK POST:  If you can't get into Sam's Crew Castle get, at least get  on her waiting list.  I think Sam has a list of places that aren't on the general crew house list. Good luck and don't let the lack of accommodation get you down. You'll fin something (I hope)  Her email address is  guiltffree@earthlink.com,  

DOCKWALK POST:  I guess I was lucky I made reservations at Sam's Crew Castle. She says she takes a bed 'off the market' as soon as it gets booked. Plus, I LOOOOOOVE this place. Best crew house I've ever stayed in and boy, her tips for 'her kids' she calls us, are eye opening. I would pay just for the tips alone. So your best bet is to try to get on her waiting list I guess. Here's her mail guiltffree@earthlink.com  


I will ALWAYS come back to Sam's Crew Castle, every single time. Thank you for an amazing month Sam - I will miss you!!!      Sim   Dec. 


           I'm telling all my friends about Crew Castle.  I told MPT and they said they'd heard it was good but they had no idea it was so much better than the other places.                                                                                                                     John Ray

Crew Castle is a   5  Star  Crew House.  I couldn't believe how much better it was than others.                            George Petrov            Crew Castle is the best in Ft. Lauderdale.  Sure there are rules, just like on a yacht, but easy for any adult crew to follow.   I'm an American, and I just had the best Thanksgiving Dinner there that I've ever had in my life.                                         James S.  Nov  


You have made my stay in America absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for not only opening up your home to me, but helping me out above and beyond what I ever could have expected. I will never forget what you have done for me - I just hope that one day I can repay your kindness.     

D B   March 2. 


I can easily say that Sam and her Crew Castle have been the best things to happen to me in Ft Lauderdale.  The atmosphere in the house is friendly and homey, with everyone willing to help out with tips, advice and company. Sam and her husband Randy really do go out of their way to make everyone comfortable and welcome, whether it be with mangoes for "Crew Castle Mango Night"  or rope and cleats for knot-tying practice or  the Crew Castle Christmas!  I would recommend Crew Castle to anyone who is serious about getting into the yacht industry -- not kids here for a drinking  holiday--they are weeded out to ensure us serious ones can do what we need to grab an amazing spot on a great yacht.

D S  Oct 30


      Sam, I would like to say how thankful I am for  all your priceless tips & information.  Crew Castle is a great place to stay.  Everyyone has been great living there and respectful of your space.  I hope to stay with you on my next season.  Tammie T.     Dec,

           Hi Sam,  Thanks a lot  for taking the time to help me out.  It is really appreciated.    Keep up the good work with the crew castle, compared to what you get elsewhere,  beleive me what you have is a real castle!   Thanks again.                                 Dex     Feb 


I SHOULD  HAVE  TRUSTED  SAM…if you haven’t met her yet you are in for a treat.  I wanted to stay at Sam’s Crew Castle on Oct 8, but since (I know now) her place is so great and she  is such an amazing lady, she was and still is completely booked with a really long wait list.  She sent me a letter when she had an open bed on Oct 5 if I wanted to pay for the 3 days before I needed it.  I needed to save money so I found a place for $200 a week.  I should have trusted Sam. 

Problem after problem , with the final deal breaker…6:30am, my roommate wakes up, goes to the foot of my bed and urinates on the floor. At this point I start calling hotels and luckily  get one until Sam has another bed open.  So I’ve mentioned Sam of Sam’s Crew Castle a few times,  she has been the most helpful person down here. I don’t want to share all of the details, but one thing she did was she brought me to the store so I could purchase a new bicycle and brought me to the hotel, warning me to check first for bedbugs.   Sam is just like what I’ve heard; she is like a Mom down here. She takes really good care of you. I’m not even a paying house guest to her;  But from what she tells me, she too was at the bottom of the bucket when she first stepped foot into this industry. Her knowledge is most helpful and I wish I would have listened to her when she first had a bed available. It wasn’t free and I would have to pay for the days before I got there to reserve it, but I didn’t.  It was the biggest mistake so far.  I have now wasted over $900 when I could have spent $75  A bed opened & now I live at Crew Castle   Her email is guiltfree@earthlink.net   

Jonathan T  Oct.


          Hey Sam!     i stayed at your crew house in May. I didn't get an opportunity to thank you  before I left, so I would just like to tell you "Thank You!" for your advice, support, tips and most importantly, for letting me stay and be a part of your crew family. It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to return. Being a part of your 'yachtie' family was an educational experience.  Adam Fisher                            

          Sams Crew Castle is a well organised, luxuriously large, fun, fantastic place to stay while looking for work.   Unlike other crew houses, Sam will actively seek out work for people staying there and I often got daywork because of this. Sam and Randy are fantastic people willing to help everyone and if you treat them and the house with respect you will be rewarded with free pick ups / drop off at supermarkets, networking parties and many other little helpful and FREE things they do for their guests. I will definitely be returning next time I need a good place."                                                                     Anna B   Feb.

          Sam's Crew Castle is great!  It's a large, comfortable house -- not a crash pad.  Sam screens her guests because she'd rather have a house half-full of great people than have any bad apples.  How many crewhouses can you say that about?!  Some might call the rules strict, but really, they are laxer than what you'd expect to find aboard a well-run yacht.  And, if you can't abide by such simple rules as cleaning up after yourself and being respectful of others' spaces, then maybe yachting isn't the best career for you.  Also, having a large house was great for networking.  Next time I'm in Ft Lauderdale, Sam is who I call                                                                                                                                                                                   Capt. Andrew  W.

          The Crew Castle is the best crew house I have ever stayed in.                                                          Graeme R

          The rules at the Crew Castle may be strict, but it makes all the difference between living in a nice, cliean, quiet place versus a messy, disorganized, place with dirty dishes stacked a mile high in the sink.  Sam helps us find jobs and daywork, helps with resumes, gives us rides to networking functions and generally wants 'her kids', to succeed in our careers.  She advised me to cut my hair and I finally did and I got a job the next week.  I will always come back here.                                                        Trevor Frobrose

Posted on DOCKWALK:  

Dockwalk           Call the Crew Castle.  It's the best in Ft. Lauderdale and the owner was a yacht chef and really helps people.  The numbe   is 954 931-8945.  If I can find the email address I will post it    Anonymous   December 18  


To all of you going to Crew Castle, ask fort Sam's  "tips" even before you get there.  Lots of help  Tara Phelan t December 21  2010 Dockwalk         

 I have been chatting with Crew Castle and they have already been helpful.  See you there.  Anonymous   December  


I was there when Jamie was there(a physicall therapist) and Sam bought a massage table so he could make money giving massages...and boy they were good massages too.  Anonymous


There is a new place in Ft. Lauderdale called Crew Castle, is top of the line and doesn't charge more for it.  There is a 11 p.m. noise curfew, strict ZERO drug tollerance and any guest that leaves a mess or dirty dishes or doesn't respect the place does not get invited to stay a second week.  The owner (an x Yacht Chef), is very helpful.  It is very close to 17th street and US 1.  They don't advertise, so it's hard to find.  (I just found Sam's email  GuiltFree@earthlink.net)              

To Anonymous at Crew Castle:  I stayed there and it is a fantastic place to stay.  MPT told me about them and it was great.  They have notes all over the place with tips to help you find work, what to do, what not to do.  The best tip Sam says is to "Always act as if your future Captain is standing right behind you...in this town, he just might be."  She has a big  note that says "Watch how you act in a crew house.  Your housemates may be in a position in the future to sway the  person you have just applied to for a job. (or something like that).  I will always go back there whenever I am in the states.  The phone # is 954 931-8945.  But I'm in Palma now, and the places here don't stack up well.  Fair Winds to All!    


(some comment removed by Dockwalk moderator)  I've stayed at Neptune and the Castle and both were very helpful for my career.  I've stayed at others also, but as I have nothing good to say, I will not name them.  We all need as much help as possible, but I'd rather get help for my future instead of getting girls or learning spanish. 


 I have stayed at the Crew Castal 3 times and it's as good as those other guys say...job info, crew computer, tips.  Clean and quiet enuff to study, I guess because the rules are like on a yacht and she seems to be picky about who gets in and who stays.  The only other place that I would have considered staying was Neptune, and trust me I've stayed at the others.  But now that I found  CC,  I will go there only. 

Post:  Do we really need a written set of rules?

Answer: With 20 years in the business, you learn that i you don't have detailed rules, you're asking for trouble down the line.  For every rule in our boat's "bible" there was a crew member that caused us to ad that rule.  The trick when hiring 'newbies' is to let them know (and read) the rules and use the '3 strike rule', no excepions.  If they think there are no consequences for improper behavior, they will push you to the limit.

 Answer:  I run the Crew Castle in Fort Lauderdale, and WE HAVE RULES. Most are the same as on a yacht.  I tell crew up front, if you don't want to play by the rules, you don't get invited to stay here a second week. This does 3 things... The house stays clean and relatively quiet and organized, I keep my sanity (most of the time), and Captains are learning that if they hire a person from here, especially a 'newbie', that that crew member has been able to follow a fairly strict set of rules, and has been taught the basics of how to act on a yacht.

As far as drugs go??? If we suspect drugs we don't kick them out...we just ask our friendly policeman and his dog over for dinner and a tour of the house.

I've found that 90% of the crew that come through here don't need instruction on what is and isn't proper. It's the other 10 % that don't know how to act in a group or 'yachting' environment that can ruin it for everyone. Needless to say, the 'good' ones get all the help we can give, to help further their careers in this industry.