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The Best Crew Houses in Ft. Lauderdale, USA   

 Above The Rest Crew House                           The name says it all                  mailto:abovetheresthouse@earthlink.net

 Crew  Castle  954  931-8945                                        The Hilton of all crew houses    mailto:guiltfree@earthlink.net  

Whether you're attending marine school,  searching for work or know someone in the industry who needs a nice place to stay, we have the best reputation in town and we are the only one who makes  GUARANTEED  reservations.  See what people say  about us here:    http://americancrewhouses.webs.com/testimonials.htm#                                                                    


Neptune Group     954 524-978  has private apartments



 It is Important to find a crew house without bed bugs... see  http://www.captainsdirectory.com/index.php/captains-blog/Bed-Bugs-are-Back-and-Biting.html   and the more crew the better for networking

          __________________________________  Other American Crewhouses  ___________________________________ 

Annapolis Crew House                    1 954 712-9034                                                                                        Annapolis, Md 

Crews Inn                                       1 912 704-0991   near Thunderbolt, Ga  http://www.crewsinn.us/          Savannah, Ga                      

Battery Park Crewhouse                   1   212 344-1654                                                                                      New York, NY        

Moreens Crew House                       1   401 229 2223                                                                                       Newport,  RI

Jackies Crew House                  1   401      847-9881 or 662-0848                                                                  Newport,  RI

Seamen's Institute                         1 401  847-4284                                                                                            Newport, RI

Vickies Crew House            1 401     855-8080 or 841-0606                                                                               Newport , RI

Crewhouse                           1  858 484-4881                                                                                                     San Diego


                                                                                Crew Houses world wide:


 http://www.antibes-crewhouse.com/antibes/Welcome.html                                                            Antibes

Amma's Crew House                      +33 619  63 8250                                                                  Antibes

Crew Grapevine                        http://www.crewgrapevine.com/                                                  Antibes

Glamorgans                               http://www.theglamorgan.com/                                                   Antibes

Le Collier                                   email  hotelrestaurant.lecollier@wanadoo.fr                            Antibes

Crew Pacific's Crew house                                +61 740 417 243                                                 Australia

Youth Hostel Assoc.  Queensland                    +61 732 361 680                                                 Australia

Youth Hostel Assoc.  New South Wales          +61 292 611 111                                                 Australia

Simpson Bay                  599 556-3958  stmaarten2rent@yahoo.com                                       Caribbean, St. Marten

Smilers                           599 522-9894  smilerelona@hotmail.com                                           Caribbean, St. Marten

Lagoonies                                           mailto:sxmmicheline@yahoo.com                                    Caribbean

Smileys                      599 544-2601                  mailto:smileymt@caribserve.net                      Caribbean

Crew House "Palma"   07002  0034 600 726 050  info@crewhouse.net                          Palma Mallorca 

Crew Accommodations in Palma  http://www.palma-hostales.com/en/index.htm                 Palma Mallorca

 Boat House                  +34 696 907 676     The_Boat_House@Hotmail.com                         Palma Mallorca

We are continually updating  info,  tips  and adding links.              Help us help you,  by sending us  more  useful  links.

If you have info or links that will help others,   please send to     mailto:allyachtinfo@earthlink.net


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